Portable Versa-Tables and Drum Practice Pads

Many Uses of the KayJae

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Lap Top Desk
Use your laptop anywhere - even in a recliner! KayJae™ keeps the heat off your legs, and adjusts so that your wrists won't be strained while typing!   

Wheel Chair Tray
Use KayJae™ in a wheel chair for meals, reading, writing, or to accommodate assisting devices.  

Portable Tabletop Lectern
The KayJae™ sits on any table top to keep your notes up where you can see them. Then folds for easy storage and transport.      

Ergonomic Table
Complete your work anywhere! With the KayJae, you can turn any place into your own personal workspace, while being comfortable.

Snack Table
Breakfast in bed? KayJae™ make it easy to enjoy meals and snacks in bed, by the TV, or anywhere! Add a cupholder and everything you need stays in easy reach!      

Adjustable Copy Holder
Set your KayJae up next to your computer as a portable copy holder. The pages won’t curl due to the flat back, nor will they slide off. And it’s all adjustable, so you can position it to any level or angle you need. It can hold anything from a single sheet of paper to a manual or a Medical book. It will even hold encyclopedias. It is great for students!

Music Stand  
Use the KayJae as a music stand for rehearsals anywhere or even during a concert! Since it's portable and lightweight, it's easy to take anywhere! and since it's well crafted and beautiful, it can replace old, rusty, black music stands with something beautiful, but simple.

Child's Activity Desk      
Keep the kids occupied on a long road trip. They can use the KayJae Portable Versa-Table or the Storage Desk to play card, color, or even eat. The Storage Desk can keep all their toys in one spot and make them easy to reach. 

Camping & Recreation Table
No longer do you need to balance your plate on your lap or place it on the ground. Use the KayJae on your lap to eat, or have it free standing on the ground for a stable holder that keeps food off the ground.

Writing Desk
Now you can take your writing with you anywhere. The KayJae Portable Versa-Table creates a hard portable surface so you no longer need to find one to use. Use it in the car or in a recliner; you can be comfortable writing. The need to lean over a desk to write is over. You can bring the table up to your level and sit comfortably writing with little strain on you neck or wrists.

How are our customers using their KayJae?

"Lap Top Holder" -Mary Schmidt, Mission Viejo, California

"To hold my handiwork instructions & books" - Sandra, Maine

"To decrease strain at the base of the skull & relieve muscle spasms." -Jackie Vostry, Palmer, Alaska

"Working with laptop in chair (Relax the Back zero gravity chair)." -Michael Ehrlich

"For reading-bookholder." -Robertson Reeves

"Music score study & reading." -Yoichi Udagawa