Portable Versa-Tables and Drum Practice Pads

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Enjoy reading some Testimonials sent to us by our customers:

"I was looking for a lap table that I could use in my new, comfy chair. I was really excited when I came across KayJae.com. I just received my new table and I’m extremely happy with it. Donald made sure it met his high standards for quality before shipping. I have no doubt this will be an item I enjoy for years to come. My productivity already increased because I was able to work in comfort.  It makes me happy to find an artisan who does great work and cares about customers. I’m going to be making more purchases for friends and I unreservedly recommend these products.”        Adam Seaman, Tulsa, OK

"The versa-table will relieve some of my Fibromyalgia pain in my neck & jaw, as I can adjust it to suit my needs. A real lifesaver!" S.F. Emmanus, PA

I purchased the VT161418...it works better than any laptop computer table I have ever used. It keeps it off your lap. Also works as a TV table that you can eat from. I use it every time I use my computer."   Robert G.

“Excellent quality & service, made a quick & custom deliver sent to me while I was on vacation! Works perfectly to allow me to use my computer while reclining in my favorite chair.” Brandon J,Richmond, VA

“Very useful, especially at work.  I use it to read my entries & other documents as I type them into the computer.”                                                       

“I received your practice pad today, and I love it!  It is very well made and is going to come in very handy when traveling and even at home.  I will be happy to spread the word to my students and drummer friends.”     Duncan M.

“The KayJae has facilitated me in remaining functional & productive during my recovery from a debilitating back injury.  I especially appreciate the multiple adjustments that are possible in response to episodes of pain & limitation.”     George D – Seattle, WA

“I started a new job that requires sitting down and correcting tests and packets.  Recovering from a car accident, my neck was in chronic pain.  Using the KayJae helped reduce the pain I was feeling in my neck. Thanks!”     Amber O – Salem, OR

“I am disabled and have an operations center – my recliner and my books/computer around me.  I just received my KayJae and am using it to write this letter!  Thank you!”  Sharon W – Hattiesburg, MS

“Having first ordered one for a patient, I decided I had to have one for myself.  It’s the most versatile and useful piece of portable equipment I’ve ever encountered.  We have 2 – I use mine for reading or writing on my alpha smart in the car, and my husband uses his to hold the steering wheel for his race car rides on the Play Station.  Thank you!”     Cheryl S – Portland, OR

“This product is a real winner!  I can’t imagine anything better!  Very clever!  Unless lightning hits me, I will buy another one!”     Jon U.

“I just received my KayJae Drum Pad, and I could not be happier!  It’s exactly what I’d hoped it would be!  I feel I will get many years of usage out of it!  I’m going to be bringing the drum pad on tour with me, so we’ll see how many people I can refer to you!  Thank you!”     Mike

 “Finally, a portable desk that can go virtually anywhere…and even reduces neck and back pain…100% guaranteed!”   

“I got the pad today, and it’s amazing!  I really enjoy this pad.  It is so functional, stable, great quality, and beautifully handcrafted.  Thanks for sending this one to Sweden.  I will show this around to my drummer friends and students.”     Mike W.

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