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Portable Versa-Tables and Drum Practice Pads

How do you use it?

Just loosen the two large plastic knobs and slide the saddle-shaped base under your thighs. Then adjust the table to the desired angle and height, and tighten the plastic knobs. It's that easy!

Each KayJae is constructed of laminated white maple hardwood,  carefully selected for its beauty and durability. Each part is hand crafted and protected with a catalyzed lacquer finish. Just wipe with a damp cloth to keep your KayJae clean!


Custom adjusting for maximum comfort.
Durable catalyzed lacquer finish.
Handcrafted from the highest quality white maple veneer available.
Large plastic knobs for easy adjusting.
Useable on most chairs including recliners and office chairs.
Free-standing usability on any flat surface.
Folds for storage.
Quality crafted in the U.S.A.

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